Inspiration On the Go

For the past month my life has been busy. Summer is here and it is rather obvious because no one seems to have any time to get anything done! So, what happens when life surrounds you and, when it comes to writing, you never seem to get anything  done?


There is actually a solution for such an issue.

Every writer who has ever attempted to put their pen to a page has discovered the ever strenuous difficulty of time. The interesting thing about time is that you have enough of it to get done what you put as most important in your life. Obviously for me, blogging has not been high upon the list the past few weeks. Let’s talk about where the issue starts: in your mind.

There are times where I find myself at home, a day, or even just a few hours in which I actually get to rest — and to be completely honest, occupying my time with the bliss of nothingness has become a dreadful habit.

In my mind I am deciding to do nothing. I need to remind myself that I could be applying my mind to writing.

Here are a few ways you can remind yourself that the main enjoyment that comes from being a writer is actually writing.

1. As busy as life can be, when you find those moments of quite and maybe even a touch of unscheduled time, grab a pen and paper and start writing.

2. When you are writing you can always start working on something new. If you happen to be stuck in the middle of your book, then try writing something else for a while.

3. Bring a notebook with you. Everywhere. It’s true, you can’t always rely on inspiration striking if you want to become a published author, let alone to even finish a book, you must be pro-active and work continually. However, one never can be sure when a new idea will find it’s way into your mind, so always be prepared.

4. Get to know your characters. Sounds almost silly — except if you’re a writer, then it makes perfect sense. Often your characters will write the story much on their own, allow them to grow and put a lot of effort into them.

Now we’ve covered a couple of things I want to leave you with this thought: you can always write, because you love to write. Time doesn’t matter when it comes to something you love.

~Rachel Beth


4 thoughts on “Inspiration On the Go

      1. Absolutely! You will definitely see me implementing these into this crazy summer. I need to be writing as much as possible with such time constraints! I am looking forward to seeing how you do as well!


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