What Makes You Different As a Writer?

ˈ                                                                              dif(ə)rənt/
                                                                        adjective: different
  1. not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality.
    2.distinct; separate.
         Okay, so first things first: I’m terribly sorry for taking so long to post!  I hope you will all forgive me!
         Moving on though, today I decided we’d think about character.  Not character as in the character in your book or story, but as in your character.  Who you are, and what makes you different from other writers.
        It can be easy to take personality tests (although I’ve always found them difficult no matter how simple the questions) but here’s the deal: no one person fits into one particular “personality type”.
        As a writer every experience will define the way you view, create, and describe the characters in your story.  That’s why writing can often be so horridly daunting, as a writer you must learn to be transparent.  Who you are comes through in your words.
        So, how can you be different by using your experiences to shape your writing the way you want it to be.  Here’s part of it,
         Who you are and what makes you different, those things already exist, the problem comes in trying to discover those attributes.  It can be really difficult to see how your words are important when the whole world around is full of opinions and ideas. But nonetheless, your ideas matter.
         So, as I often say, start somewhere and your way of writing will eventually unfold in an understandable way.
    Until next time!
    ~Rachel Beth

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