Build a Platform

   Someone once told me “No one will buy a book if they’ve never heard of it.” It’s true, you can’t get something you’ve just never heard of. This is what has driven me to begin building a platform for my writing — the trick is figuring out what you can share about your writing and what you shouldn’t. Be picky about who you send your actual writings to, and at the same time go loud with the fact that you are writing.


  I think a huge way to show that you are a writer without sending out your writings all the time is by creating a blog. Don’t be intimidated, it’s actually quite enjoyable! The most difficult thing for me (and lots of other bloggers) is remembering that I’ve got to be consistent in my blogging.

A word of caution when putting your work(s) on the internet: everyone can see it and anyone could use it. Don’t put out too much of your own ideas. That is a really, really hard thing for me because I want so badly to tell about my writings and my characters, but sad as it is, there are people out there who might take your ideas and claim them as their own. Protect yourself against having your ideas taken from you.

  I can think of a lot of different ways to create a writing platform, but I would encourage you to be creative. Ask yourself what you can do to improve your writing skills while you’re telling others about your writing.

  I’d love to hear your ideas and how your writing is going! I’d also love to hear where you’re at in your writing and be an encouragement to you wherever I can!

   Have a blessed day,

                ~Rachel Beth


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