Relentless Writer

I’ve been a writer for a little over four years now — even though I haven’t spent every minute of those four years sitting at my computer typing. That’s the thing about us writers, our minds are constantly thinking, working, analyzing, simply just creating.

Writers work all the time.


  When you see that person in a crowded bunch and you just catch a glimpse of their mannerisms and character, you can tell that who they are, the simplicity of just being them, could possibly be the beginnings of a character.

  Don’t let that moment of inspiration stay just a moment, hold onto that idea and once you have some time write about the feelings you had when you saw that person. Write your idea (s) of who they could be. A name. A place. A life. One little idea can give way to an entire story that you may be completely surprised by.

Your mind is capable of amazing things.

  Look around at the people in your life and ask yourself this simple question, “How can I use the people around me to help better understand what it is to create a character full of realness.” Readers crave something solid and real just as much as we all enjoy the ideas of fiction. So we as writers get to fuse the two together: true, raw humanity and the unreal yet amazingly splendid ideas of fiction.

  Never quit being inspired.

Never quit writing.

~Rachel Beth


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