Learning To Love The Chaos of Writing

      Writing is chaotic.

                                    adjective: chaotic in a state of complete confusion and disorder.
So in one sense you could say that writing is very much confusing and disorderly. True, some writers prefer to be completely organized — outlining and so on. But even with all the planning and preparation that you want to throw in to the mix, there are still times when writing can get a little over the top in the way of disorder.
I believe that every writing process, for every writer out there, should include at least a tad of disorganization. Even the most organized people need a touch of adventure in their lives — and adventure, true adventure, rarely comes without some chaos.
So, if you’re feeling like it’s just too hard to keep all those writer’s thoughts in order, don’t quit. I think that us writers need that edge to our writings — that little frazzled part of our minds is also the often most creative and productive. Continue giving your mind some time to think through some things for your novel, short story, book series, or any other paper.
Writing is in you. It will eventually find it’s way through your fingertips and onto paper.
~Rachel Beth

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