The Inspired Writer


So, when it comes to writing there’s this little thing called inspiration. We all know what it means:
noun: inspiration
               1.the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
                    But what is it REALLY?
Well, let’s examine that question. Being inspired is extremely easy…and yet it feels 1,000 times more difficult than easy. I know what some of you are probably thinking, ‘she talks about inspiration and uses the word easy how dare she’. But let me tell you from the deepest parts of my soul, inspiration depends on you. Not the outside world. What if you were blind yet your passion was to express words — how would you describe what you have not seen? How would you form inspired thoughts to others? From the deepest parts of your soul. That’s exactly how.
What’s going on inside of you? A battle? Pain? Happiness? WRITE THESE THINGS! You’re reader needs you to be 100 million percent honest. This is the hardest part of writing. Being transparent — after all, who would want to be open for everyone to pick apart? It doesn’t entirely appeal to me either! But that’s what it takes.
Okay, so I’ve just accomplished breaking down everything you thought writing was and told you to be transparent. And, for me, that opens up yet another question: how?
Let’s take this in steps.
  •  Write what you’re feeling in a moment: whether you feel inspired or not.
  • Let the words come through you: whether they entirely fit together or not.
  • Look to other writers around you: more experienced or less experienced.
  • Accept constructive advice and opinions and use them to grow.
  • Build a platform of people who have similar goals and interests (again, I strongly recommend Pinterest)
  • Give your own words time to grow; stick with an idea but also give it breathing room to become something more.

I could honestly go on and on with ways to let inspiration grow on you. But I’ll stop here because we all are motivated in different ways. Maybe this has been helpful for you and maybe it hasn’t. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. I want to grow more in healthy opinions and ideas; I hope to do the same for other young writers.

~Rachel Beth

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