‘The End’ How To End Your Story

First of all let me say that ending stories is in NO WAY a strong point of mine. I love the concept of a story. Just the whole idea of it simply enthrals me; but, when you come to the end of a good book, there is a certain mixture of happiness for the characters (more or less), a sadness for the ending of the story, and a longing for the story to go on. Even though it must end.

And this, my friends, is the greatest challenge I’ve yet to face on the long road of the writer’s life: the end.
I’ve spoken with many other writers about the stories they’re writing and how they are coming along. There is a common theme of answer to that simple question which made me consider more the gravity and impact that the end of stories has upon us. The most frequent answer I recieved was generally something to the tune of, “Well, that story was going great and I love the story-line that had begun to build, but there was no end in sight.”
Why is it that for us writers there is a terrible cycle of starting a story from an idea, generating characters as you write, and then getting lost in the story and giving up on it. Of course there is the element of trying and failing, which will gain you more experience, but when you have a good idea, follow it through.

Stick with that idea, and instead of scrapping it, add to it, and let it grow. If your goal is to be an author some day, than make your story count. Don’t dissapoint your future readers, don’t dissapoint your characters, and don’t dissapoint your own writer’s mind. It will take time to finish a story and even more time to finish it well.
But as much as there are new ideas to add, there are also the old ones which are just waiting there for you to perfect them.
With all that hving been said, I must end this post, and leave you (hopefully) hanging for the next post. If this has sparked any ideas, or been helpful, please leave a comment! And be watching next week for the beginning of my three-part series on the writer’s life and the many things we go through.
~Rachel Beth

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