Start Somewhere

  It has been my experience with writing that one must start somewhere. But where? Okay, so you have a basic idea of what to say, what you think you want to say at least. But once you sit down at the computer or with a notebook and pen, it all goes out the window! What I’ve learned to do when stuck in a situation like this when writing, is to make myself start writing…about anything. Start making up a short story or write a poem about something you’ve been feeling.

As Louis L’Amour said “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

So, look for something in your life that can give you a start. Trust me, no matter how boring you may possibly think your life is, there is always something worth writing about! If you’ve been writing for a while, then you’ve probably heard what I’ve been saying a million times. And if so, there’s a reason!

One of the problems I find with writing is my computer. Well, the internet really. Sometimes, it pays to snuggle up in a comforter, grab your pens and some paper, make yourself some coffee (or tea), turn off distractions (of which we all have many) and just write. Write your heart out. Because that’s part of what I think writing is. Digging deep into life’s seemingly unreachable moments, and describing why they are what they are. Maybe you can’t fully grasp or explain a moment in life. That’s okay. Possibly, it’s just not meant to be fully understood. All that to say: First part of relesing the writer inside of you is to write…anything.
 ~Rachel Beth
(Photography Rights belong to — Pinterest)

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