What Makes You Different As a Writer?

                                                                              dif·fer·ent ˈ                                                                              dif(ə)rənt/                                                                           adjective: different not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality. 2.distinct; separate.      Okay, so first things first: I’m terribly sorry for taking so long to post!  I hope you will all forgive me!      Moving on though, today I decided we’d think about character.  Not character … More What Makes You Different As a Writer?

Build a Platform

   Someone once told me “No one will buy a book if they’ve never heard of it.” It’s true, you can’t get something you’ve just never heard of. This is what has driven me to begin building a platform for my writing — the trick is figuring out what you can share about your writing … More Build a Platform

Relentless Writer

I’ve been a writer for a little over four years now — even though I haven’t spent every minute of those four years sitting at my computer typing. That’s the thing about us writers, our minds are constantly thinking, working, analyzing, simply just creating. Writers work all the time.   When you see that person … More Relentless Writer

Learning To Love The Chaos of Writing

      Writing is chaotic.                                                                                   cha·ot·ic                                                                                    kāˈädik/                                       adjective: chaotic in a state of complete confusion and disorder. So in one sense you could say that writing is very much confusing and disorderly. True, some writers prefer to be completely organized — outlining and so on. But even with all the planning and preparation that you want … More Learning To Love The Chaos of Writing